The Sermon on the Mt Morgan Pub Verandah

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A selection of skits more aimed at teens and adults.


In the days of kings Josiah and Zedekiah, when Israelite a uence had made them deaf to the prophetic preaching of the prophets. When the people had forgotten how to blush. What did the Lord command Jeremiah and Ezekiel to do to shake Israel from their slumber? Get Dramatic! rough shattered pottery, decaying belts and naked walks through the city, the Prophets of God would get the message across.

In our days of affluence and apathy the dramatic once again becomes an effective means to proclaim the Word of God.

This book re-enfleshes the word as it creatively and humour sly reenacts scenes from Jesus’ life. The Sermon on the Mount, delivered on a pub verandah. Jesus’ temptation as Reality TV. A Mob Boss cancelling a debt. The message will be heard by adults and young people alike.

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